What Building Amenities Do New Yorkers Want Most?

Everyone wants amenities, or at least developers seem to think they do. New York City buildings, especially newer ones, are packed with frills like roof decks, gyms, co-working spaces — even wine cellars and concierge services for the well-heeled. But what amenities do NYC home searchers truly crave, and which could they care less about? We looked at StreetEasy search data to determine what amenities our users seek most. And we found … well, put it this way: When it comes to desirable features of a New York apartment building, pet cuddling easily wins out over bicep curling.

The Top 10 Most Popular NYC Building Amenities for Renters

Top Rental Building Amenity Share of Amenity-Specifying Searches*
1. Pets 33.7%
2. Doorman 24.6%
3. Elevator 22.3%
4. Washer/Dryer 21.5%
5. Laundry (In Building) 17.4%
6. Dishwasher 15.6%
7. Outdoor Space 11.6%
8. Gym 5.6%
9. Furnished 2.6%
10. Parking 1.5%

Note: These percentages total more than 100 because some searches specified more than one amenity.

We looked at six months of data for StreetEasy searches where users specified one or more amenities (meaning these results only cover users who looked for certain features). What we found is not too surprising, given the craze for dogs and cats in this city: The most popular amenity in rental buildings was by far the ability to have pets (included in 33.7 percent of all searches that specified an amenity), followed by a doorman (24.6 percent), and an elevator (22.3 percent). Lingering at the bottom of the top 10 list were parking (1.5 percent) and furnishings (2.6 percent), confirming a portrait of New York renters that should be very familiar: We love furry friends, place a huge value on convenience, hate walking up stairs, and prefer our own interior decorating to someone else’s. Oh, and a car? What’s a car?

The Top 10 Most Popular NYC Building Amenities for Buyers

Top For-Sale Building Amenity Share of Amenity-Specifying Searches*
1. Doorman 36.4%
2. Pets 28.7%
3. Elevator 26.4%
4. Washer/Dryer 19.0%
5. Outdoor Space 17.8%
6. Dishwasher 9.0%
7. Laundry (In Building) 7.9%
8. Gym 3.9%
9. Fireplace 2.7%
10. Parking 2.7%

On the for-sale side, things look slightly different — but just slightly. Out of all searches that specified an amenity over the last six months, a doorman was the most popular feature, with 36.4 percent percent asking for one. Close behind was the ability to have pets (28.7 percent) and ye olde motorized vertical conveyance — that is, an elevator (26.4 percent). The big popularity gap between an in-unit washer and dryer (19 percent of searches) and laundry in the building (7.9 percent) leads us to think that New Yorkers believe one of the perks of homeownership is getting to wash clothes in their birthday suit. Owners also seem to have more of a fondness for fireplaces than renters, and slightly warmer feelings about car ownership, with 2.7 percent of searches seeking each.

So there we have it: What New Yorkers really want is a pet and not to have to walk up the stairs. Oh, and someone to watch the place while they’re gone. We’ll close with two caveats: First, that, again, this ranking is just among StreetEasy searches that specified an amenity. And second, that in our exhaustive survey of NYC residents earlier this year, 49 percent of respondents said the ability to have a pet did not impact their choice of a home. As for a doorman, 54 percent of survey respondents claimed to be indifferent, and fully 64 percent shrugged at the possibility of a gym. So, amenities may be nice — but in this city, the core challenge is still getting the space you want at a price you can afford.

For the full article from Streeteasy, click here.

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