5 Tips for Finding the Right Home Insurance Policy

Here are five tips that can help you know with certainty that you’ve found the right home insurance policy to protect your long-term assets.

  1. Know your options: The most important step in your quest for home insurance is in researching your options. You won’t know with certainty that you’re getting the best coverage and price unless you compare policies and price quotes from multiple companies. By comparison shopping, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars each year on your home insurance.
  2. Buy the bundle: When searching for homeowner’s insurance, ask the carrier if theyre willing to bundle your home and auto coverage. Although discounts for bundling will vary by carrier, opening a multi-line insurance policy by bundling your home and auto coverage can save you anywhere from “3 to 22 percent”, according to Amy Denise, editorial director of Insure.com
  3. Talk to an expert: You may have better luck finding the best policy by speaking with an independent insurance agent who works with many different carriers. Since they aren’t beholden to any one company, you’ll know they’ll be finding you the best coverage for your particular needs.
  4. Interview the carrier: What’s your credit score? What time of home are you insuring? The questions are endless, and at times, finding a homeowner’s insurance policy can feel a lot like an interview. Don’t forget to ask your share of the questions, though. Whether you’re speaking with an independent agent or an associate of a particular carrier, remember to ask for the answers to the following list of questions. Not knowing the answers could prove to be a costly mistake later.
  5. Finding the Right Policy: While interviewing companies and pouring over the fine print of policies may seem like a hassle now, you’ll be able to rest easy after you’ve chosen your coverage, knowing that you’ll have the help you need to get back what you lost in the event of a disaster.Selecting the home right insurance coverage for your investment property will give you peace of mind, knowing that your asset is protected.

Check out the full article here on Bigger Pockets.com

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